Kshar sutra treatment in Chandigarh

We understand that piles or any other anal disease may not be a problem you feel comfortable talking about.Kshar sutra treatment in Chandigarh provides you the facility to heal all anal disease.

Kshar sutra treatment is an ayurvedic Parasurgical technique which is used to cure anorectal diseases with most comfortable like

  • Piles (Hemorrhoids)
  • Fissure
  • Fistula
  • Pilonidal sinus

Kshara Sutra treatment Non surgical and convenient technique that is proved to be an effective treatment of anorectic disorders.

Mechanism of action of Kshar sutra treatment

  • It helps is reducing, curetting, draining and recovery of the fistulous track.
  • It destroys and gets rid of unhealthy tissue and promotes restoration of the fistulous track due to caustic movement.
  • Controls infection by the microbicidal movement.
  • Separation of debris and cleansing the wound.
  • Facilitate in drainage of pus in fistulous tract and help in recovery.
  • Cutting through the tissues and laying the track open.

It is an also a safer option, which is also very cost effective for patients. The procedure can be categorized under parasurgical treatments.

After Kshara sutra treatment of anorectal disorders, the patients should follow the instructions given by the doctors in Kshar sutra treatment in Chandigarh.

“No need to suffer in silence”.